Hal Moggridge’s Landscape Architecture


Although Hal Moggridge’s introductory chapter briefly introduces French attractions, and his own description of his important career does not indicate any work outside of the UK, in the UK, Hal Moggridge’s landscape work is immediately local and international. It is extremely important. Germany, Italy and San Francisco. slow growth. As its subtitle suggests, Landscape Art is a work he has been working on since the 1970s. In many ways, this is a generous book. Respect the natural and design sites, respect those who use them, and present their skills with clear descriptions and arguments. The photo, his own sketches, charts, plans (usually with notes) and occasional old paintings or oil paintings are also well illustrated. This is also a generous book; readers hope to spend some time reading and absorbing: “slow growth” is not without reason. There will be many people who want to find a specific project to review or argue with-and the social, economic and aesthetic scope here is very impressive.


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