Introducing Form into Urban Planning in Serbia


 This paper analyzes the urban planning method in Serbia and determines the impact of its implementation on the quality of the built environment. It points out that certain negative impacts and problems in space development may be related to the lack of formal concepts in planning or the lack of direction in the process of developing physical structures through planning guidelines. Analysis of the planning documents shows that the planning method is either too general, regardless of the particularity of the location, or too deterministic, embodied in strictly defined building rules, and does not allow for the diversity of architectural designs. It can be concluded that the current context of law and planning does not support planning research, which will facilitate this situation, which will include systematic analysis of the current state of the system, spatial verification of planning solutions, and introduction of building quality parameters. In addition to the current is mainly quantitative. On the other hand, this paper points to the latest research in the field of urban morphology and contributes to the education of researchers and professionals who can improve planning methods to improve existing urban practices in Serbia.


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