Micro-Age Music Information and Piano Education Development


 In order to study the influence of “micro-era” music information on piano education, improve the level of piano education and teaching, and explore new ideas of piano education, the music information is expressed by the six elements of information processing ability, self-monitoring ability, learning attitude, emotion, metacognitive ability and learning style. The data were obtained in a questionnaire survey of 263 piano students from the A Conservatory of Music, and the influence relationship between the two submersible variables of music information and piano education and the dimensions of the submersible variables was discussed using the Structural Equation Model (SEM). The research shows that learning consciousness plays an intermediary role between music information and piano education, music information plays a positive role in piano education, and has a greater influence on information processing ability and metacognitive ability in piano education, and the degree of information relevance is more important than the amount of information when reading music information.


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