Discussion on the Ci-poetry of Wang Zhenyi


Wang Zhenyi (1768-1797) who styled herself Deqing, was a very special female writer in the middle age of Qing dynasty. She travels a lot and has a wide range of studies. She is regarded as a madman in the boudoir. Her Defeng Pavilion Ci mainly revolves around the theme of chanting history, nostalgia and exotic scenery. The main style of her Ci is gloomy and magnificent, far from the style of flowery algae decoration, and pays attention to natural simplicity and insight. And she also advocated that the text should have a sense, and writers should write with true emotions. The emergence of Wang Zhenyi reflects the far-reaching insights that women could possibly achieve in the mid-Qing Dynasty, as well as the ability of female writers to control their heroic writing style.


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